I'm Jomar Perez. I'll be your head chef and sushi chef.

For well over 14 years ago, I began following my dream into the culinary arts. Harnessing my culinary creativity and learning new techniques allowed me to learn from some of the best in the Phillippines. It's where I got my break as a cook and got hands-on experience learning to roll sushi. My talents allowed me to show my skills, share my knowledge, and present some of my best dishes when I came here to Canada.

Being inspired and introduced to the culinary arts by my mother, my love for cooking and experiencing other's enjoyment of my creations, quickly became my passion. My desire to share my knowledge and passion for Asian cuisine is what's made me into the chef I am today. It's also what drives me to continue and inspires me to share my love for Asian cuisine with everyone.

With the dishes, I create and serve to my friends and family, are the same dishes I offer here at Sakuragi to share with new and old friends. So please, come into Sakuragi, pull up a seat to my table and enjoy our Asian Cuisine creations in a family-oriented environment while I prepare some of Wetaskiwin's Sushi dishes just for you.
I'm Juancho Miday, and I'll be your Teppanyaki chef.

For over 30 years, I have demonstrated my exceptional chef abilities in Dubai, India, and Canada, while carrying my experience with me and showcasing what I have learned in the meals I perform and create before you.

In 2001, I was awarded a Bronze Medal at the Global Chefs Challenge International Hotel Culinary Competition. I also completed a Sushi Demonstration in 2001, and 2002, I conducted a live Sushi and Tempura Demonstration.

I began my love for preparing food at home in the Philippines. As I grew, I looked for more significant challenges, and my passion for my trade grew deeper, leading me to new places. I harnessed my skills as a chef and Teppanyaki during hands-on training in Dubai and Inda. I furthered my education with Advanced Food Safety in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The art of Teppanyaki is a form of dinner theatre serving up an experience like no other to dine too. Teppanyaki is grilling, broiling, or pan-frying food on a hot metal plate and serving it immediately to my guests. So please, come into Sakuragi, pull up a seat to my table and enjoy the show while I prepare one of Wetaskiwin's Teppanyaki dishes just for you.